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23 May 2019

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Hello everyone.  I’m writing today from Santa Cilia de Jaca in the Spanish Pyrenees.  This annual pilgrimage to the mountains has been going on for a lot longer than I have been taking part and some of the party are very experienced.  We have two Duo’s, an Arcus and a JS1 here at present.  We arrived late Saturday after an overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Santander after pretty much continuous rain all the way.  It continued to rain on Sunday but Monday cleared nicely and we all flew.  Conditions improved on Tuesday and Wednesday but today we all decided to do some fettling.  Friday looks like thunderstorms.  The airfield at Santa Cilia has two hard runways east-west and a grass strip down the middle which is sometimes useable depending on the amount of recent rain.  It has a large hangar for visitors which means we only rig once, a nice briefing room and a big cafe and bar serving food all day.  These are big mountains up to 12000′ plus but a lot less busy than the Alps.  Unlike the Alps it doesn’t have a lot of land out options.  Anyway we are all having fun and getting some good flying.


Your duty teams this weekend are:
: Steve Male (No 1), Peter Orchard (winch)
Sunday: Steve Male (No 1), Nigel Lassiter (No2), Peter Orchard (winch), Glyn Macarthur (LD)

See you all in another two weeks
Happy landings
Jon Hall