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29 Aug 2019

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Hi again,
Last week was Task Week and we all had a very good time.  We flew on more days than we didn’t and had conditions ranging from very nominal to a strong racing day.  Interestingly, the days were mostly won by different people each day which made for a good competition.  To prove the point about the tasking and scoring system, the overall winner was Tim Brunskill in a 15m glider.  Holly won a day when she not only did her first solo field landing but also gained the longest and the highest flight of the day.  Three Duos helped to give cross country experience to a number of less experienced pilots including Ray Lewis and Holly, who also managed to win a day as P2.  The organisation was good, for the most part better than the weather. Hazel in Control was trialling a new system of locating landouts using What3Words (Google it) and WhatsApp with logger traces either entered on the club ladder or emailed in.  It worked very well.  The catering was incredible as ever and Helen and her team worked their socks off to keep everyone happy.  The Juniors entertained us all musically and brilliantly, followed by our resident band and supporting cast, at the end  of Task Week Party which was very well attended.  The only disappointing element is that there were not more entries.  Particularly as the outstanding response from the last members’ survey was that you wanted more cross country training and coaching opportunities.  In spite of that no one wanted to do either of the course weeks set aside specifically for cross country training this year and we could easily have accommodated twice the number of Task Week entries.  All I can say is use it or lose it.

I regret to tell you that I have, over the last few weeks, received a number of letters and emails complaining about behaviour in the club and at the launch point, between members and from members to visitors.  These complaints range from verbal abuse to extremely offensive language.  While we have young people with us on the airfield and in the clubhouse we all need to be mindfull of our responsibilities to them.  What some may regard as banter others may regard as bullying, intimidation and offensive behaviour.  Please think before you speak.  If you have issues with anyone at the club raise them with a committee member first.

Your duty teams this weekend are:
Saturday:  Neal Clements (No 1), Charles Carter (TLs), Peter Orchard (winch), Glyn Macarthur (LD)
Sunday:  Clive Crocker (No 1), Charles Carter (TLs), Peter Orchard (winch), Charles Page (LD)

Membership Cards
I have been asked by the CFI to remind you all that from September 1st, this Sunday, you will be asked to show a valid membership card at the launch point.  If you can’t you will be refused a launch.  Its not hard, just ask in the office if you don’t already have one and put it in your glider, or your pocket, or wear it around your neck.  As has been explained before, the main purpose it to make sure you have paid your subs (you might be surprised by how many people fail to pay promptly at the beginning of the membership year) and, more importantly, to show that you have a valid medical.  Flying club or private gliders without either one of these may invalidate the insurance in the event of an accident.  But don’t forget in reality it is the pilot’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with the medical requirements.

Ellen’s Party
If you are attending Ellen’s party this weekend, Helen would be grateful if you would let her know as soon as possible so that she can anticipate numbers.

Happy landings
Jon Hall