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09 May 2019

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Hello everyone.  Last weekend was as predicted a pretty good weekend with a number of Mynd pilots doing some significant cross countries in Wales on Saturday.  This weekend looks flyable on both Saturday and Sunday.  The West and Wales looks better for distance on Saturday and Central England and the East better on Sunday.

Your duty teams this weekend are:
: Neal Clements (No 1), Mike Greenwood (No 2), Mark Sanders (No 3), Steve Male (Motorglider), Geoff Dailey (winch), Dave D’Arcy (LD)
Sunday: Simon Adlard (No 1), Mike Witton (No2), Denise Hughes (TLs), Geoff Dailey (winch), Liz Adlard (LD)
Telford Balloon Fiesta

Many many thanks to all who responded to my request last week for volunteers to help at the Telford Balloon Fiesta this weekend.  We have everything under control thanks to Tim Brunskill.
K13 Refurb
Work continues to recover the K13 wings.  These workhorses are the mainstay of our training fleet and while it is a pain only having two twin seat trainers at present it will be well worth in when it is finished.  We will have probably the best two K13s in the country.  Just look at the workmanship, and the art, in the wing construction. (photos courtesy of John O’Reilly)



TV/Simulator Room
Work continues to finish the refurbishmernt of the TV/Simulator Room and thanks to John O’Reilly, Pete Orchard, Denise Hughes, Paul Shuttleworth and others for doing a great deal of the work to get it to where it is today.  There are however a few jobs left to do, the most important of which is the rewiring of the two side lights and the replacement of the main spot lights (the hardware is already on site) and a bit of painting.  If you are handy in these areas and find yourself up at the club with an hour or two to spare please get stuck in.  While you are at it have a look at the accommodation area corridor to see what can be achieved by a few volunteers willing to help the club improvements.  Excellent job by all concerned.
Club Achievements Board
The board in the Quiet/Briefing Room which shows notable club achievements is about to be updated.  If you have completed a flight of 500k or better since the last name on the board please let Chris Harris (or me) know, with details of the flight, date and a logger file, asap so we can add you to the board.  And while we are talking of club achievements, if you do any sort of cross country flight from the Mynd, in a club or private glider, singly or with someone else in a two seater, submit a logger file to the club ladder and register the flight.  It is all about letting other people across the country know that we do fly cross country from the Mynd, and occasionally get back.  It is good promotion for the club and encourages visiting pilots to spend time and money with us.  And you might even win a trophy at the end of the season if you do it often enough.  You can access the club ladder from the club website and the newly designed ladder site is really easy to use.

IMG_6400 (2)Conwy Bridge from KA last Saturday

Have a great weekend.
Happy landings
Jon Hall