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19 Apr 2019

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Hello everyone and a Happy Easter Weekend to you all.  The weather is finally changing and it looks like a warm and sunny few days at least so no excuse for not flying this weekend.  Friday looks probably soarable in the afternoon and even though the winds remain SE they will be very light so shouldn’t prevent launching.  Saturday looks very similar though it should get soarable earlier, Sunday and Monday much the same, though Monday is the better day, with more south in the wind.  So get yourselves up to the club and fill your booots!

I’m grateful to all of you who volunteered to help out with the Balloon Fiesta in Telford next month, especially to Tim Brunskill who is taking  on the organisational lead.  The more people helping out over the two days the better so please get in touch with Tim if you can spare half a day.

Your duty teams this weekend are:
Friday: William Brewis (No 1), Steve Male (No 2), Peter Orchard (winch)
: William Brewis (No 1), Steve Male (No 2), Denise Hughes (TLs), Peter Orchard (winch), Glyn Macarthur (LD)
Sunday: Steve Male (No 2), Denise Hughes (TLs), Peter Orchard (winch)
Monday: Nigel Lassiter (No 1), Steve Male (No 2), Guy Hartland (winch)

CFI’s Get Checked Week  13 – 22 April 2019
The CFI’s Get Checked Week continues over this weekend until Monday.

  • Annual Checks
  • Spin Checks
  • Launch Failure Refresher
  • Field Selection and Field Landing Refresher
  • Promotion to your next MGC Stage
  • Working towards Bronze or XC Endorsement

The club two-seaters, the motor glider and additional instructors will be available for you.

Pre-Flight Planning
The CAA publish information every month on Airspace Infringements and the one for March includes some advice on pre-flight planning, especially if you plan to usew your rasdio to cross an ATZ.  Meant for GA power pilots but equally relevant to us.  Have a look at

Membership Cards
Many of you will be aware by now that we are all required to carry a membershipcard while on the airfield and to show it to the Launch Director or Duty Pilot before taking a launch.  This enables us to comply with our insurance regulations, particularly for members over 75 years old.  If you have a card already, great.  If you don’t please show proof of your medical status to the office and collect a card.  You can also get a lanyard from the office, free of charge, to wear it safely inside your clothing – just ask.

Have a great weekend.
Happy landings
Jon Hall