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13 Jun 2019

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Hello everyone
I’m back from Spain after a very good expedition to Santa Cilia de Jaca in the Pyrenees.  It was, as always, different from previous years, quite cold a lot of the time but some really good flying.  These expeditions are a really good way to kick start your season.  I did around 50 hours during the three weeks, probably more than many people do in an entire season.  I highly recommend it as a way to get going at the beginning of the year.  As soon as I returned I went to the Lake District to visit a friend and while there went to the Windermere Jetty, a new venture that replaced the long standing and privately owned Windermere Steamboat Museum.  This new enterprise is run by a Trust and has some pretty special buildings designed by a young practice of Starchitects, clad in copper.  But one of the objects on display caught my eye because its not a boat at all but a glider, built  by Slingsby in 1943.  The water glider was an experiment by the War Office to develop a small aircraft that could take off and land on water in enemy areas.  TC Pattinson, George Pattinson’s father, adapted a standard Slingsby Falcon 1 glider.  It’s good to see gliders cropping up in non-aviation museum displays.
Taxiing on the airfield
A reminder that it is club policy never to taxi your glider whilst landing but rather to land in a straight line.  This avoids the potential for running into things if the wheel brake fails or doesn’t work or confusing others landing behind.
Important Notice
Please note.  Dawn and Guy Hartland will be cleaning and restoring the wooden floor in the main dining area this weekend.  As a result the clubhouse will be closed from 1600 hours on Sunday June 16th until the next day and there will be no catering that evening.  Sorry for the inconvenience but it is a necessity and the floor will look great when finished.
Your Duty Teams this weekend are:
Saturday: Walter Baumann (No 2),  Mike Witton (TLs), Geoff Dailey (winch), Jon Hall (LD)
Sunday: Walter Baumann (No 2), Geoff Dailey (winch), Glyn MacArthur (LD)

I know the weather has been unkind but it can’t last for ever.  Make sure you are there when it turns.
Happy landings
Jon Hall