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13 Dec 2019

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Just a quick blog this week because I’ve been busy all day and most of the evening with club business so I need to get to bed soon.  Main thing to say is that there was some doubt about the weather for Saturday and forecasts of heavy snow on the Welsh hills made us think that we may need to postpone the Christmas Dinner.  However, this afternoon the forecast had changed significantly this afternoon suggesting that if there is any snow it will be patchy, won’t last long and will be quickly followed by heavy rain that will wash it away.  So the decision is that David Crowson will have another look at the predictions first thing in the morning and blog again to confirm that we plan to proceed.  Watch this space.
Assuming we go ahead, which is highly likely, please take note of the following.  When you arrive and pay the balance owed to the kitchen you will be given a coloured ticket – red for beef, yellow for turkey and green for vegetarian, according to what you ordered.  When you find a place to sit please place the ticket on the table in front of you so that the servers can identify who has ordered what.  This will speed up the service and make sure everyone gets a hot meal.  Have a great time.

Your duty teams this weekend are:
Saturday:  Denise Hughes (TLs), Guy Hartland (winch), Dave Cole (LD)
Sunday:  Nigel LAssetter (No 1),  Guy Hartland (winch), Laurent Couval (LD)

This will be the last blog from me before the new year.  I’m travelling to Ireland next Thursday, then its Christmas closely followed by New Year and frankly I’m looking forward to having a few weeks off.
Have a great Christmas
Jon Hall