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09 Jan 2020

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Hi everyone
Just a quick one today as much club stuff to do and not enough time!  As Dave C pointed out Friday should have a good amount of sunshine and a light westerly 10knts or so backing  southwesterly but Saturday doesn’t look great.  However there are always things need doing around the club so if you want to get out of the house for a while ….
Sunday, a bit of a mixed picture but blipspot likes it. Plenty of sun with 20 knts between W & WSW.  So the ridge should give you some fun.

Winter Lecture Series Saturday 18th January 2020
Don’t forget the next lecture is on Saturday 18th January by Afandi Darlington.  Afandi is a senior inspector at the AAIB.  He holds a PPL(A) and is a keen and experienced glider pilot.  He holds a first class degree in Aeronautical Engineering and will be covering why the AAIB investigate accidents and serious incidents, the legal framework they operate within and some examples from GA and the commercial world.  We are immensely privileged in having such a distinguished speaker and I urge you to come along, support your club, learn more about aviation and have a flight and meal as well.  As Sunday is likely to be flyable why not stay over.  The talk will start at 1800 and there will be the usual request for contributions to the Social Fund to cover costs.  The next one is on the 8th February by Richard Head – ‘My Life in the RAF’ and trhe final one of the series this year on 7th March from Simoan Adlard and Mike Fox on the latest news from the BGA, especially winching.

Your duty teams this weekend are:
Saturday:  Guy Hartlands (No 1), Matthew Cook (No 2), Mark Wakeham (TLs), Geoff Dailey (winch)
Sunday:  Matthew Cook (No 2), Mark Wakeham (TLs), Geoff Dailey (winch)

Junior Gliding Winter Series
The Juniors are with us again over the weekend from 30th January to 2nd February.  Its always good fun when they come to the club and whatever the weather I can guarantee if there is any chance of flying there will be lots of it.  We always need help on the ground when we have visitors so if you can spare a bit of time to drive a retrieve winch or help marshal the launch queue please do.

Instructor Meeting
The next instructor meeting is on Saturday 15th February at 1730 at the club.

Llanbedr Expedition
The glider list for the Llanbedr expedition is now full but there will be some opportunity to fly with our and other instructors and coaches in a range of gliders from K21, Twin Astir and Duo Discus.  If you fancy a day or two get in touch with Nigel Lassitter.Anyone who has been followign Chris Gill’s exploits from Denbigh on FaceBook will know that the wave in Snowdonia is excellent and apparently there all the time.  Don’t miss it.

CAA Airspace Classification Review
On 30 October 2019 the Secretary of State for Transport wrote to the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to amend the 2017 Air Navigation Directions to give them a new requirement to review the classification of airspace.  The CAA is now beginning the first airspace classification review and they would like your help. Click here to see its consultation for more information and respond online before 3 March 2020.  However the BGA are considering this very carefully as it will inevitable affect the soaring community so it recomends not responding until it publishes to us its recomendations.

Happy landings
Jon Hall