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06 Sep 2018

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Hi everyone,  this is the regular Thursday posting to let you know what is coming up in the near future.

This week

Motor Glider

As you know we are going to integrate G-KGAO into our fleet and I want to keep you updated with the progress and the plan. The reasons for us having a motor glider were set out in the e-mail I sent last week but if you need further clarification, please speak to the CFI or any other committee member,  they will be happy to explain the driving force behind this move.   We are confident that a motor glider will be a useful addition to our fleet; they are very flexible aircraft and can be used to provide effective training from first flights all the way through to cross country qualification. Motor gliders are operated successfully and are popular at a number of other clubs we have spoken to and there is every reason to believe that the same will apply at our club. While we are transferring the aircraft ownership the CFI has been and will continue to assemble the cohort of instructors and amend the booking system to take bookings.  The various offerings to be delivered by the motor glider will then be available. To ensure it is a success we will need to make some changes to the way we approach pilot training and quite a bit of work will be required behind the scenes to put this in place. This is already under way and the benefits and offers will increase over time.  We are anxious that it is inculcated into our training culture as soon as we can, this is a very flexible tool enabling training right from first flight through to cross country training and we want to give members the benefits of this as soon as we can.

Autumn projects

Water supply

This is now underway with a spare tank installed ready to take over while the main tank is replaced.

Old MT shed

We are anxious to turn this into a working facility so before the winter starts we are installing the heater.  We have the heater ready thanks to Dave Cole, we just need to put it into its final resting place.  Please can I ask anyone who is capable to come along this Saturday morning and help give a lift to put the heater in place.  As soon as we have the shed habitable we intend to kick off the refurbishment of the open trailer and then we will make the facility available to members to do their trailer maintenance in comfort.

Your team this weekend is:

Saturday:  Mark Sanders, Denise Hughes, Stephen Alexander, Dave Cole

Sunday:  Chris Alldis, Denise Hughes, Peter Orchard, Laurent Couval

Forthcoming events

Your Club needs you – can you help us recruit

As part of the club’s continuing recruitment drive we will be taking a stand again at the Oktoberfest in Shrewsbury. It runs from 5th-7th October and we will be taking a glider. It was great fun last year and we gained a substantial number of new members, enquiries and trial lessons.

This is a call for volunteers to help out on that weekend! If you can help at all, (even for a few hours), please can you let Sarah know asap on or 07754070357. Many thanks!

Andy Holmes Birthday

Andy will be celebrating his 40th on the 15th of September and he has already issued an email to that effect.  Just a reminder, we can only accommodate so many so if you would like to eat then please let Fay know in the kitchen as soon as you can the list is filling up fast.

Winter Lectures

Please put October the 13th into your diary, at the moment it looks as if it will be on “Expeditions”, more information later.