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04 Oct 2018

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Hi everyone,  this is the regular Thursday posting to let you know what is coming up in the near future.

This week


At last some good news.  The National Trust have gathered the ponies together and 19 have been removed from the hill.  11 of these were colts so riders and ourselves should have less hassle in the future.

Legal stuff.  The B word.

Just in case you thought life was getting easier read the article linked to below.  Anybody who would like to buy me a pint and explain it is very welcome to try!!


Your team this weekend is:

Saturday: Chris Alldiss, Geoff Dailey, Dave d’Arcy

Sunday:   Clive Crocker, Guy Hartland, Geoff Dailey, William Brewis.

Forthcoming events

2019 MGC calendar – call for photos

We are planning to produce a MGC calendar for 2019, so if you have any good quality photos that you would like us to include, please email them to Sarah at by 4th Oct latest, along with your confirmation that you are happy for them to be used for that purpose. We will choose the best 12 or 13 and publish it during late November.”


Please wish us luck for this years event.  It runs from 5th-7th October and we will be taking a glider. It was great fun last year and we gained a substantial number of new members, enquiries and trial lessons.  I am so impressed with the willingness of our volunteers who are coming along to help sell the club to a wider audience.  Gaining new members is the key to our future and events like this are a significant part of that strategy.

Winter Lectures

October the 20th will be the first in the series and will be a talk on Expeditions.  Have you ever wondered what we do on club expeditions, how can I get on one, what would it be like?  This will be the talk for you hosted by some of our expedition leaders.  Beware, once you know you may well become hooked!

The other lectures are now on the web calendar bookmark the link below

we are trying to make this the master calendar for out future events in order to give a longer term view of what we are planning.