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11 Oct 2018

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Hi everyone,  this is the regular Thursday posting to let you know what is coming up in the near future.

This week


Martin, Jon Lewis, Sarah Platt, Chris Harris, Steve Male, myself, Chris Ellis, Holly Harris, Mike Amor-Wilkes, John O’Reilly all helped out at this event and I know I express the thanks of all the members to each of them for giving their time and effort to help promote our club.

Whilst the weather didn’t help this year, we did bring home a list of interested people whom we will now contact and invite to visit the club so they can begin to see how great it is. We will keep in touch with them over the winter in preparation for some of them to hopefully become members over the course of the next few months.

Shrewsbury summer camp

The Shrewsbury school summer camp was a huge success and below is an extract from their feedback:-

“The annual Gliding Camp, held at the Midlands Gliding Club on the Long Mynd and open to all members of the RAF Section of the CCF, was a resounding success.  The central activity was, of course, gliding. While training progressed well for all the pupils in the ‘modern’ K13 and K21 gliders, we were all fortunate enough to have a joyride in an almost antique, open-cockpit T21. As the sun set on another year of gliding for Shrewsbury School CCF cadets (and quite literally over our evening game of croquet), I was already looking forward to next year! This is a truly stunning location for a summer camp and we are all extremely grateful to the Midlands Gliding Club, and in particular to our regular instructor Paul Fowler, for their continued support for our pupils in their gliding tuition and for everything they do both on and off the ground.”

Your team this weekend is:

Saturday: Neal Clements, Guy Hartland, Dave Cole

Sunday:  Charles Carter, Guy Hartland, Laurent Couval

Forthcoming events

Instructor meeting

The next instructor meeting is on Saturday at 17:30.  Do please try to attend, it is most important that all of us instructors and potential instructors keep abreast of the latest developments and feedback.

Winter Lectures

October the 20th at 18:00 in the quiet room will be the first in the series and will be a talk on Expeditions.  Have you ever wondered what we do on club expeditions, how can I get on one, what would it be like?  This will be the talk for you hosted by some of our expedition leaders.  Beware, once you know you may well become hooked!

November 10. Mike Groves Skylaunch

For those of you who attended last years lecture you will be delighted to know that part 2 is being delivered this year.  For those of you who did not attend you really missed a fantastic talk.  Mike gives us a superb understanding of the life of winching all over the world including the movie world.  Don’t miss it.

The other lectures are now on the web calendar bookmark the link below

we are trying to make this the master calendar for out future events in order to give a longer term view of what we are planning.

Christmas meal and awards evening

Please put the 15th of December in your diary.