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24 Feb 2017

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Hi everyone,  this is the regular Thursday posting to let you know what is coming up in the near future.

Last week:


The only thing that flew from the club today was the weather station which launched itself off its pole, soared the ridge for a couple of beats and then landed at the bottom of its pole!

Weekend outlook:

Your team this weekend is :  Mark Sanders, Alasdair Lewis, Mike Witton, Peter Orchard, Glyn Macarthur, John O’Reilly

Forthcoming events:

Summer is only 3 weeks away!

The club goes full time on the 20th of March.  The get checked week coincides perfectly with the start of the season and I am confident that it will be the start of a superb soaring season.    Please start booking dates in your diary to come and enjoy the greatest sport in the world.

Winter lectures

The curse of the Winter lectures strikes again.  Hugh Browning has had an accident and is in hospital,  I have passed on our best wishes for his recovery.   I am now convinced that there is a conspiracy.

We now have 1 booked during March. Mike Groves of Skylaunch.  Please do make an effort to attend, it’s a great night and the trick is to fly in the day, have the talk then a really good supper.  

11 March Mike Groves from Skylaunch.  This will be a fascinating talk about our winches and winching.

Juniors over Easter

The Club will be running a course for junior members over the Easter holidays from 10 to 13 April with a dedicated instructor and glider.  Junior members may attend for just one day or more. Any members interested should book a place through the office

Llanbedr Expedition

The MGC expedition to LLanbedr has had to change dates and will now be from the 18th to the 24th March 2017.  We will be taking the Twin Astir for club flying, and there are a number of Duos going that may have spare seats. If you want to go in the Astir but have not had an email with dates allocated please email  with which dates you are able to attend.

20 March get checked week

This is really filling up so I recommend you make your booking as soon as you can.  Steve Male is running this popular week,  it’s a great opportunity to come along and make sure you are ready for the soaring season which I guarantee is going to be brilliant this year.   Don’t forget as Andy Holmes told me “April is when all the records are set” so you will be ready for the great weather.  We have circulated the details separately.  Contact the office if you haven’t yet received them


8 April 17:00.  Please put this into your diary.  We intend a slightly different format this year with the AGM, followed by presentations on the options for going forward.  We have had a couple of good years but we face stormy times ahead.  We must strengthen our position now while we can and your input and feedback are essential.  At the February committee meeting we agreed our 3 main goals and will be publishing them before the meeting so once the formal part of the meeting is over you can contribute to the discussion regarding the priorities of the club over the next few years.

Aim higher course

18 -19 March.

We have 15 attendees but there are still places available. Please put this date in your diary, and book in with the office now.  We are so privileged to have Kevin Atkinson to do this course for us.  He will cover:

 How the sky works

How to work the sky

Going further and faster

Self-teaching skill drills and self-tasking

And will be the best preparation you could think of before the cross country season starts in earnest.  This is proving very attractive to visitors from far and wide so I do encourage Mynd members to book up while you can.

June the 3rd 4th and 5th. Aim Higher practical

I am absolutely delighted to tell you that Kevin has agreed to provide a “practical” aim higher course on the above dates.  This means we get the best of both worlds, the theory then followed by the practical after we have all had a chance to practice.  We are really privileged to be able to offer this combination this year so get your bookings in to the office as soon as you can.   We are already getting applications and I think this will be a popular one.

Thinking of summer

Mac is organising the “longest day, open day” recruitment drive on the 24th of June.  In addition we want to increase the activity and the interest for members.  Years ago we used to run a “dawn to dusk” day and we are going to combine the two.  It is fantastic fun, we run in shifts and do “shedloads” of launches (or words to that effect).   Please drop me an email at the address below if you would like to help out for a shift, everyone is welcome and I guarantee you will have a great day.