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01 Apr 2017

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[I know it’s not Thursday…. my (Geoff’s) apologies for the late posting of this, I was travelling. Steve Male is filling in for Neal.]

Hello All,

As both Neal and Sarah are away from home this week I’m sorry to say that you’re stuck with my ramblings……..

Last week: –

Last week really was the story of 2 airfields.

On the Mynd it was our first week of 7 day operation for 2017 and it was our Annual Get Checked Week.

As usual on the Mynd, as soon as we have something definite planned the weather decided to play its usual capricious tricks on us; Monday was Westerly with a number of pilots working on their Annual Checks, Tuesday started OK but slowly deteriorated then it snowed on Wednesday followed by Easterlies on Thursday and Friday.

Nevertheless 8 pilots did complete their Annual Checks – a triumph of opportunism and determination !

Llandebr on the other hand, organised by Mike Greenwood, benefited from the Easterlies with many flights in wave, some reaching 11,000 feet.

Note to self – get Mike to organise next years calendar and order the weather !

Annual Checks: –

I can hear the groan from here…….

Just let me try to put these in perspective for you: –

It is a requirement of our Flying Orders Book that all solo (non- instructor) pilots must complete an Annual Check at the Mynd in order to retain their solo flying privileges on our site.

Having said that, the “Annual Check” is not supposed to be purely a “test”. This is your opportunity to fly with an instructor and brush up on those things you don’t do during your normal solo flying, launch failures, stall, spin, spiral dive entries and recoveries.

Just as importantly, it is also a great opportunity to get an instructor to help you with any area of you flying you are “less than comfortable” with.

This “check” should not be onerous and it’s an opportunity to explore envelopes and have some fun.

Once you have completed your Annual Check get your instructor to sign off the Certificate (available on the website or from the office) then get Martin to take a copy for the club records and keep the original in your log book – You will be asked for it at the launch point one day !

Nuff said ?

Future Events

Aim Higher Course

A couple of weeks ago we had Kevin at the club for a weekend discussing how to improve your cross country flying.

Well, the theory went down very well with a number of pilots remarking on how much they learned and how much Kevin’s thoughts prompted them to examine their own thinking, flying and planning.

Over the weekend of 3rd – 5th June Kevin will be back to fly with us, so this will be your chance to get some airborne instruction – book in with the office NOW – before you forget !

Cross Country Refresher Week

This year’s Cross Country Refresher Week runs from Easter Monday 17th – Friday 21st April.

This year the week is being organised by Mark Sanders in his role as Cross Country Development Instructor.

If you’re a Pre-Bronze pilot looking at completing your Bronze C and moving on the Cross Country Endorsement and Silver C then this is a week you shouldn’t miss.

Mark is planning to have Simon Adlard and I available with the Motorglider for Navigation and Field Selection training and testing and there should (as ever weather permitting) be tasks being set and flown in 2 seat gliders giving you the chance to expand your horizons and skills.

Again book in with the office NOW before you forget.

Cross Country Coaching

Following on from the Aim Higher activities and Cross Country Refresher Week we are getting together a team of experienced cross country pilots to form a coaching group to assist less experienced cross country pilots with development of their skills.

The group will be run by Mark Sanders in his role as Cross Country Development Instructor. As yet the details have not been completely finalised so keep an eye on the blog and club notice boards for further info as this initiative progresses.

Task Week

Staying with the theme of cross country flying: –

Task Week this year will be from Saturday 19th – Sunday 27th August with Bank Holiday Monday 28th August held in reserve.

This will be the opportunity for you to apply all the cross country knowledge and skills you have learned from this year’s training activities.

This year we are changing the format of Task Week to give a wider variety of pilots a chance of achieving personal goals.

There will be 3 classes based on individual pilots previous cross country achievements prior to 1st May 2017.

NOVICE – Those pilots who have not yet completed a Silver cross country distance flight

INTERMEDIATE – Those pilots who have completed a Silver cross country distance flight but have not completed either a 100Kms diploma or a 300Kms flight.

PUNDITS – Those pilots who have completed either a 100Kms diploma or a 300Kms flight.

Hopefully we will also organise debriefing sessions for each task the following morning so that you can see what others did and how they fared.

This new format is aimed at increasing the appeal of Task Week to less experienced pilots, with tasks being set, each suitable day, for each separate class.

So, if you want to improve your cross country flying come and join us.

Retrieves are guaranteed – someone WILL come to get you – and if your trailer is serviceable they will retrieve the glider too!

Who knows what you could achieve given suitable weather, tasks, briefings and guaranteed retrieves?

I’ll certainly be there – flying in the Intermediate class in a K6.

Entry details will be available soon.

I think that’s all for now……..

Happy Landings