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15 Jun 2017

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Hi everyone,  this is the regular Thursday posting to let you know what is coming up in the near future.

Package for New & Existing Members

The marketing team is conscious that we are currently designing more packages for new members than for existing members. We would be grateful if existing members could let me know if they have any thoughts about packages that we could develop for them – what would you like? Replies to please

Members’ Survey – progress

John O’Reilly has produced a document to help us decide on which projects are going to move us forward. It incorporates the information that came from the members’ survey. We are just getting the financial implications to slot into it. Then we’re planning a Sept meeting with the staff to input on the nature and direction of the club. Then in October we will have the meeting that we promised the members, where we present it all. By the end of June each year, we should have a good idea of 80% of the year’s finances (and membership).

Accident Book

We now have an accident book in the office, if you or anyone else is hurt in a non flying accident and requires first aid please make an entry in the accident book

The Road

The first phase of repairs to the access road went ahead as planned last weekend. Thanks are due to those members who turned out to help with the hard work. The work was led by Charles Carter and Howard Bradley with assistance from volunteers including;

  • Martin McCurdie
  • Steve Rudge
  • Peter Turner
  • Neal Clements (despite him being quite poorly)
  • Dave Cole
  • Allan Reynolds
  • Geoff Dailey
  • Tim Mason.

(Apologies to anyone I have forgotten to mention)

Members and visitors should notice a big improvement to the road surface as all potholes have now been filled in.

IMPORTANT: Considerable care will be required to avoid damaging the new surface until it has had time to bed in and bind properly. PLEASE ensure that you drive slowly and very carefully along the road and take extra care when crossing repaired areas with gliders, vehicles, winches etc.

Thank you.

 Methods are in hand to stop the sheep contamination   of the new workshop and club  premises , watch this space .

The road to the south end is now under observation and should be made acceptable to glider transfer to the south launch point  in a smooth and reasonable manner.

So far we have relied on a small number of people who have worked very hard to achieve this work done, so please can everyone please put their back into work to be done, it is your club so please if you see  notices of work to be done please help   .

On the Flying Field:

Wing holders please remember to hold the trailing edge of the wing during a launch, if you hold the leading edge there is a risk you can hang on to the wing which will swing the glider.

Remember that if you feel a significant down force on the wing you are holding, stop the launch. This is the best way to avoid wing drop accidents.

A reminder that the club policy on minimum safe approach speeds is that it is  the minimum approach speed of the glider (some gliders have a yellow triangle on the ASI to denote this), or 45 knots plus the wind speed, which ever is the greater.

LAPL Medicals:

If you have a LAPL medical remember that you must consult your GP or AME if there is a change in your health status:

Licence holders shall, without undue delay, seek fitness advice from the General Practitioner (GP) or Aeromedical Examiner (AME) who issued their medical certificate when they:

  1. a) have undergone a surgical procedure or invasive procedure
  2. b) have commenced the regular use of any medication
  3. c) have suffered any significant personal injury or illness involving incapacity to function as a pilot for at least 21 days
  4. d) are, or have reason to believe, they are pregnant
  5. e) have been admitted to a hospital or medical clinic
  6. f) first require corrective lenses

Your team this weekend is:

 Saturday Clive Crocker, Matthew Cook, Charles Carter, Dave Brown on the winch and John O’Reilly Launch Director

 Sunday Roger Andrews, Matthew Cook, Dave Brown on the winch and Mike Dodwell Launch Director

Forthcoming events:

Sat 24th June – Recruitment drive and the longest day We must get new members for the club to thrive, and this day is a vital part of that strategy.  Neal Clements will be number 1 for the day, we will have a briefing the night before at about 18:30  if you are around and also at 08:30 in the morning.  Please can I ask you to volunteer,  Mac has done a fabulous job in getting volunteers but we need more, especially at the welcome point.  You only have to do an hour, no more,  please email or call the office and we will add you to the rota. Also, if you know of anyone who may wish to come along, do encourage them to come & preferably to book their flight slot in advance with the office.
Here’s how we’re approaching it: “If you’ve always wanted to learn to fly, please join us for a Gliding Taster Day on the Longest Day of the Year. We will be flying from 5am until sunset around 10pm! Bookable flight slots £25 Experience flying over beautiful Shropshire & Wales at dawn or dusk. Discover what gliding is all about:- Gliding talks & presentations Guided tours of the airfield, clubhouse and facilities Meet all the members, staff & volunteers (we’re very friendly & don’t bite!) Find out if gliding is for you Special deals & offers available on the day for those wishing to become members REGISTRATION & PRE-BOOKING ADVISABLE, although you can also turn up on the day & we will aim to fly everyone! To book a flight slot for you and your family or friends, please contact Martin on 01588650206 or In addition we want to increase the activity and the interest for members. Years ago we used to run a “dawn to dusk” day and we are going to combine the two. It is fantastic fun, we run in shifts and do “shedloads” of launches (or words to that effect). Flying starts at 5am and continues until 10pm. Please drop Neal an email at if you would like to help out for a shift, everyone is welcome and I guarantee you will have a great day.

8th – 15th July – MGC Wood Week Roger is leading this year’s Wood Week, which is an opportunity for all gliders particularly those of the wooden variety to get together, admire their beautiful aircraft, and to take part in various “Enterprise” type tasks, either cross-country, height gain, or other fun things like spot landing competitions. It’s always a colourful event, so would encourage you to come along. Equally, if you know of anyone from other clubs who may like to join us, then please let me know & I can email you the poster or further details which you can pass on

21st July – Glide Britain There is a possibility that we may host filming team for Glide Britain, who are creating a suite of UK-wide marketing materials & resources, which we hope to tap into to broaden our scope & reach for marketing & promotion. A small part of this includes creation of a short film showcasing different elements of gliding found at various clubs throughout the UK. Please do say hi & make them feel welcome. We may also need a couple of volunteers / characters(!) to speak with them on the day – more details to follow.

19th-27th August – MGC Task Week (party on 27th) If you’re planning on coming, please book in so that we can start to know numbers. And if you know of people who may wish to join us, please do ask for the info/links (being set up at the moment) so that you can share it with them.   This year we are going for a different format with tasks being set inside themselves (wait for it).  For example a 200 k task may contain a 150 , a 100 and a 50k task.  This way any aspiring badges eg Silver can be accommodated in the same conditions as the bigger tasks.  More details to follow but book the week now, the fields are terrific, the organisation is even better and you will make significant progress with guaranteed retrieves and a lot of fun.

23rd Sept – Farmers’ Thank You Supper See above for info. A great opportunity to thank your farmer, showcase the club & build our reputation as generally friendly folk, all at the same time!

Wally Kahn fund

You should have received an email regarding this.  In summary the fund is offering a cross country training course at Lasham with the aim of you completing your Silver.  This is an outstanding offer and will be heavily subscribed.   Suitable candidates will be people who have already demonstrated an involvement and keenness in their own gliding clubs and will need to explain to the

Trustees how a Silver “C” qualification would help them in their own personal development as well as helping them with their careers in gliding.

Applications should initially be by letter or by e-mail to

(Written by Mike Greenwood and posted by Mark Sanders, on behalf of Neal Clements)