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06 Jul 2017

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Hi everyone,  this is the regular Thursday posting to let you know what is coming up in the near future.

This week.


Congratulations to David Brown who flew one of the “modern” silvers and did a very respectable 100K as well.

Junior camp

This week we have been running the junior camp organised by Paul Fowler.  They have had fabulous weather and made great progress.

Taster  day

The benefits of the Open day are coming through now,  we have achieved 2 course bookings, 4 returnees (so far) and we received nearly £2000 in revenue.

Your team this weekend is:

Saturday: Mike Witton, Charles Carter, Geoff Dailey

Sunday:  Chris Alldis, Paul Fowler, Guy Hartland, Geoff Dailey, Tony Dietrich

Forthcoming events

8th – 15th July – MGC Wood Week

Roger is leading this year’s Wood Week, which is an opportunity for all gliders particularly those of the wooden variety to get together, admire their beautiful aircraft, and to take part in various “Enterprise” type tasks, either cross-country, height gain, or other fun things like spot landing competitions. It’s always a colourful event, so I do encourage you to come along.

21st July – Glide Britain

There is a possibility that we may host filming team for Glide Britain, who are creating a suite of UK-wide marketing materials & resources, which we hope to tap into to broaden our scope & reach for marketing & promotion. A small part of this includes creation of a short film showcasing different elements of gliding found at various clubs throughout the UK. Please do say hi & make them feel welcome. We may also need a couple of volunteers / characters(!) to speak with them on the day – more details to follow.

19th-27th August – MGC Task Week (party on 27th)

If you’re planning on coming, please book in so that we can start to know numbers. And if you know of people who may wish to join us, please do ask for the info/links (being set up at the moment) so that you can share it with them.   This year we are going for a different format with tasks being set inside themselves.  For example a 200 k task may contain a 150 , a 100 and a 50k task.  This way any aspiring badges eg Silver can be accommodated in the same conditions as the bigger tasks.  More details to follow but book the week now, the fields are terrific, the organisation is even better and you will make significant progress with guaranteed retrieves and a lot of fun.

23rd Sept – Farmers’ Thank You Supper
A great opportunity to thank your farmer, showcase the club & build our reputation as generally friendly folk, all at the same time!  Please add to your diary, more details to follow.