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12 Oct 2017

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Hi everyone,  this is the regular Thursday posting to let you know what is coming up in the near future.

This week.

Your team this weekend is:

Saturday: Neal Clements, Allan Reynolds, Stephen Alexander, Dave d’Arcy  

Sunday:  Simon Adlard, Stephen Alexander, Liz Adlard.


Oktoberfest took place last weekend in Shrewsbury. This was a massive project for us and we really appreciate the efforts of everyone involved, both beforehand to pull it all together over the space of 3 weeks(!), those who worked on the stand during the event, and now as we follow up.

 There were 10,000 visitors, we spoke to hundreds of them and now have over 50 people to call who are very interested in what our club has to offer.

 The results will flow through as we follow up and keep in touch with these interested folks, and I would be very surprised if we don’t end up with at least 4 or 5 new pilots joining our happy throng, just as a result of this one event!

 If you are interested in volunteering to help out at the next event (Shrewsbury Winter Festival on 9th and 10th Dec) please drop a message to Sarah ( or me (

 The road

The response so far to requests for volunteers to work on road repairs has been disappointing.

Without a concerted effort the road surface will continue to deteriorate and we will soon find ourselves back where we were last winter. It is unreasonable to rely on the efforts of individual club members, so we need to put together a team of people who are willing to give up just a few hours on either a week day or a weekend to help out.

If you are prepared to help, please put your name on the list in the clubhouse or contact the office and let Martin know.

Forthcoming events

Winter talks

Denise has worked out a superb schedule for this winter’s lectures. :-

Air traffic control are coming

The first one will be the 21st of October and the deputy watch manager from Birmingham’s Air traffic will be coming along to fly, talk and have a meal with us.  I cannot over emphasise the importance of us understanding Air traffic’s needs and using every opportunity to communicate ours to them.   As an extremely generous gesture he has offered to reciprocate.  So turn up to the talk and put your name down for a visit to Birmingham ATC .  I have been before, twice, and I can thoroughly recommend it, they really do make you feel welcome and at last you can see what the Balls on the Clee do!  

Members evening

November 25 will be the members evening when the committee will present our strategy for the next 5 years and invite your input and approval.

January 13 – National Trust.  All of your questions answered (who does own the horses?) and the trust’s plans for the future development of the Mynd.

February 24 – Julian has very kindly offered to talk about Euro Glide with us.  More details closer to the time but I can assure you it is absolutely brilliant and will inspire you.

March 10 – Hugh Browning the BGA safety wizard.

Christmas dinner

This will be on the 9th of December.  I do urge you to get your name down early, there were several very disappointed people last year as the numbers have to be limited.