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19 Oct 2017

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Hi everyone,  this is the regular Thursday posting to let you know what is coming up in the near future and the highlights of last week’s committee meeting.

This week.

K23: step inside LUV

The final bit of paperwork has now gone to the CAA so LUV will be ready to fly as soon as the weight of the paperwork exceeds the weight of the glider.  It should be in the next couple of weeks.  At this point I think it is worthwhile reminding everyone that we now have 2 pairs of similar aircraft and it is ESSENTIAL that they are logged separately.  Please do not write K13 or K23 in the logbook,  use the trigraph instead. This is a legal requirement.

Your team this weekend is:

Saturday: Chris Alldis, Charles Carter, Peter Orchard, Tony Dietrich

Sunday:  Clive Crocker, Matthew Cook, Peter Orchard, Mike Dodwell

Forthcoming events

You will probably have seen the MGC events calendar on our web site.

This is a Google Calendar, but if you use your own online calendar, you can view this at the same time as your personal calendar – it will work with any calendar program which uses the ical format. For detailed information on how to do this, go to the bottom of the calendar page –

Thanks to Geoff Minshull for organising this for us.

Half term juniors

The 23rd to the 27th will be half term juniors week, ably run by Paul Fowler so get your name down quickly.  Call or email the office.

Bonfire night 4th of November

Once again, we are offering the Mynd Bonfire extravaganza with a lovely bonfire, fireworks and mulled wine followed by a fabulous meal.

For this event to succeed we do need members to confirm they will be coming and will be willing to pay £10 a head for the fireworks.  Please can you email or call the office to confirm this.

If you haven’t been before then I can assure you it is a magical night,  the top of the Mynd is a special place to be on a crisp November evening.

Harry Entwhistle crowd funding

Harry Entwistle is a junior member and has been invited to train with the British Aerobatics Gliding Aerobatics Team. However, this means he will need lots of aerotows. He is  fundraising to be able to afford this. If you think you may want to help, please visit

 and have a read through his story

Christmas dinner only 12 places left!!!!

This will be on the 9th of December.  I do urge you to get your name down early, there were several very disappointed people last year as the numbers have to be limited.

Winter talks

Denise has worked out a superb schedule for this winter’s lectures. :-

Air traffic control are coming – attendees get the opportunity to visit Air traffic.

The first one will be the 21st of October and the deputy watch manager from Birmingham’s Air traffic will be coming along to fly, talk and have a meal with us.  I cannot over emphasise the importance of us understanding Air traffic’s needs and using every opportunity to communicate ours to them.   As an extremely generous gesture he has offered to reciprocate.  So turn up to the talk and put your name down for a visit to Birmingham ATC.  I have been before, twice, and I can thoroughly recommend it, they really do make you feel welcome and at last you can see what the Balls on the Clee do!  

Members evening

November 25 will be the members evening when the committee will present our strategy for the next 5 years and invite your input and approval.

January 13 – National Trust.  All of your questions answered (who does own the horses?) and the trust’s plans for the future development of the Mynd.

February 24 – Julian has very kindly offered to talk about Euro Glide with us.  More details closer to the time but I can assure you it is absolutely brilliant and will inspire you.

March 10 – Hugh Browning the BGA safety wizard.

Shobdon events

I am delighted to be able to publish Shobdon’s winter events as well as our own.  See below:-

This winter’s evening talks will start on Wednesday 1st November with one topic:

‘How to get high without drugs’ – a talk by Phil and Diana on wave soaring, aimed at everyone, from those who have done little or no wave flying, to those who have some wave experience, but would like to learn more or have a refresher.


The next evening will be on Wednesday 29th November, with two topics: 

Choosing a glider and how syndicates work’ – by Rose and Iain.  Advice for members looking to buy their first private glider, covering suitable gliders to choose and effective ways to organise a syndicate.

Venue: Bateman Arms in Shobdon village.

Timings: 7 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.


Last Committee meeting highlights

Trophies: we will be expanding the award system to include commendations

Courses and accommodation prices: we will leave course prices as they are and increase rooms to be more equitable with the surrounding area.   The course guarantee will be reworded to still offer a benefit but remove events beyond our control.

Health and Safety: we have negotiated 2 free first aid course places for staff

Marketing: The Ocktoberfest was excellent see previous blog.

MT and winching: there is white smoke from one of the main winches, to be investigated urgently.

Finance: the cashflow demands the sale of the Discus to replace the cost of the K23.

Buildings: Rob Shepherd has elicited the ideas for the old MT and workshop.  An agreed set of requirements to be created to evaluate the ideas against.

Grounds: The South end footpath diversion is complete except for some additional signs.

Fleet: the K21 aerobatic straps have arrived.  The Yellow K13 is scheduled for ARC and a deep investigation