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01 Mar 2018

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Hi everyone,  this is the regular Thursday posting to let you know what is coming up in the near future and the highlights from last weeks committee meeting

This week.


Please keep an eye out on the cameras and blogs for the snow situation this weekend re accessibility.  If we cant get up the hill we divert the office phone so it can still be answered.

Accommodation block ceiling

We are replacing the existing ceiling with a more fire robust ceiling, this is part of the continual upgrading of our accommodation to match the highest safety standards.

Your team this weekend is:

Saturday:  Charles Carter, David Brown

Sunday: Mark Sanders, Walter Baumann, David Brown, Mark Wakem

Forthcoming events

CFI meeting

On the 11th of March we will be hosting the regional CFI’s meeting so there will be an army/flock/murder (delete collective noun as you see fit ) of CFI’s and examiners at the club that day.

Easter Junior Camp

The Club will be running an Easter Camp for junior members in the week commencing 9 April.  All junior members are welcome to join for just one day or all week.  Flying training and briefings will be given, and concentrated flying on opportunities like this is a sure way to make good progress.  If any junior member is interested, please book a place through the office.

As with coming along to the Club on any day, the consent of a parent or guardian is required and you will have to arrange transport.  If you want to stay at the Club overnight, please speak with the office about the special arrangements for this.

There will be no extra cost and you will just pay for whatever flying you do in the normal way plus food.

Winter talks

Denise has worked out a superb schedule for this winter’s lectures. They all start at 18:00 and if we have a speaker then we do ask for a small donation on the night to cover their expenses.  Book the date,  have a few flights, enjoy the talk then have a superb evening meal.

March 10 – Hugh Browning the BGA safety wizard.  Please ensure that this is in your diary.  For those of you who haven’t heard Hugh speak before it is essential listening and for those that have heard him before, even more so.  This is the perfect start to our season,  we want to keep safe and Hugh’s analysis and insight will help us do that

March 24

AGM and Christmas dinner – presentation evening.

Spring and Summer

Don’t forget that March the 1st is the first day of spring so bring your beach towel and flip flops next time you visit.  Please can you pay for your caravan space in the office and prepare yourself for subscription renewal.  We need to invest in the future of the club and early and prompt payment of renewals will help us enormously.

Wood week

Week beginning July the 7th,  we would like this to be a celebration of the best of the Mynd and wood.  Unfortunately the original instructor cannot now do the whole week so I am asking for a volunteer instructor to take on that week.  The marketing resource is in place we just need a number 1.  Please email me directly if you are interested.

Web Cams

It appears that the refresh button on some browsers is not refreshing the webcam images. Geoff Minshall has added the following to the webpage, but just in case you haven’t spotted it:-

“Always check the date and time on the web cam images, to make sure they are current. However, occasionally, those can be correct (because they come from the separate weather station, and are just added to the static images) but the static image itself can be incorrect. If you are not sure, do a refresh of the page – in Windows: ctrl + F5, on a Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R. If they are still giving incorrect info, please email