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26 Apr 2018

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Hi everyone,  this is the regular Thursday posting to let you know what is coming up in the near future.


The Skylaunch main winch is back on site….shiny new engine installed.

 We just need a day when a long launch direction (preferably South) is possible to get the gearbox set up properly for the new engine.

 Web cam overheating

The computer that processes the data from the weather station and serves the pictures up to the web is overheating so we are having to reset it and turn it off overnight.  We are looking at ways to address the problem, in the meantime bear with us as we have to restart each day.


We are now able to show the events that are planned during the year.  This is a less detailed view than the rota but extends further.  We are working on extending it to a 2 year horizon so you can plan your holidays around gliding.  We are also seeking ways to increase its detail but in the meantime please have a look and, if you like you can link it to your own electronic calendar.


Your team this weekend is:

Saturday:  Neal Clements, Guy Hartland, Laurent Couval

Sunday:  Simon Adlard, Guy Hartland, Peter Orchard, Dave d’Arcy

Forthcoming events

Prospective Members Weekend – 4th-6th May

We are inviting local folks who are interested in joining our wonderful club, to join us for a mini tour of the club so they can see everything the club has to offer. We are not guaranteeing them a flight, but if there’s availability then we may choose to offer that. If you’re around that weekend, and can lend a hand for half an hour, it would be much appreciated.  Please can you let Sarah or James know that you are going to be there so they can guarantee guides for the prospects. or

Aim Higher at the Mynd 7-11 May.

Last year’s Aim Higher courses precipitated our busiest XC season at the Mynd with a best ever 79 flights totalling 14500km recorded on the club ladder, SIX Silver Distances during the season, and Dominic flying the first ever 500km FAI triangle in Wales (an achievement recognised by the BGA with an award at last week’s BGA annual conference).

This year we are running the full five day course from 7 – 11 May.

Aim Higher lead, Kevin Atkinson, will once again be taking the reins, with informative, entertaining and thought provoking briefings in the mornings, lots of opportunities for XC flying, both solo and dual, as soon as it gets soarable, and debriefs once the hangar doors have closed!

As last year, the charge will be a nominal £10 per person per day to cover expenses, with flying at normal club rates.

Build on your achievements in 2017; aim to take your flying to new heights in 2018; kick start your season with a group of like-minded pilots and get yourself booked in today by phoning or emailing the office – Aim Higher!