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17 May 2018

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Hi everyone,  this is the regular Thursday posting to let you know what is coming up in the near future. And to let you have the highlights of last week’s committee meeting

Appleby ATC

The Club was delighted to welcome a contingent of eight cadets and four staff members from Appleby Grammar School ATC squadron over the last weekend. Two good days of sunshine with a nice westerly wind ensured that they all enjoyed soaring flights with an introduction to the basic effects of the controls. All were eager to help on the airfield with a bit of prompting at times from Rob, their CO; one member was overheard saying that he would make a great Launch Director!

The squadron have hardly any flying opportunities with the RAF and so, with cadets keen to learn to fly, they now been visiting the Club regularly over the last few years and are planning a summer camp this year and an autumn visit. The Committee is keen to encourage the visits.

Aim higher

A fantastic week was had by the attendees. The quote of the week was “50k to diamond in 5 days” which applied to Mark Williams Who had his sliver distance at the beginning of the week and had his diamond goal by the end. Steve Ward and Tim Brunskill achieved their diamond goals as well. We really are privileged to be able offer this course.  Kevin Atkinson is not only enthusiastic and knowledgable but is also an extremely good demonstrator. We are also really grateful for JF and KA helping out, introducing new pilots to cross country.

Membership renewals

Please can I remind and encourage those of you who have not yet renewed to do so.  It really is vital that we maintain or increase our membership and every late or forgotten renewal makes managing the club and maintaining our fabulous facilities more difficult.


The Skylaunch main winch is back on site with its new, more powerful engine and is now able to give us the powerful launches promised.


 Web cam overheating

The experts have now reached the conclusion that it probably isn’t worth any more attempts at salvaging the existing computer so we will attempt to move the software over to a more modern configuration.   Fingers crossed,  this is isn’t usually very easy in my experience.

Your team this weekend is:

Saturday:   Chris Alldis, David Brown and Charles Page

Sunday:  Roger Andrews, Charles Carter, Geoff Dailey and Mark Wakem.

Forthcoming events

Midsummer recruitment event 30 June

Last year we ran an open day and combined it with a “longest day”. This year we are going for a more targeted event. The marketing team will be publishing the method and the purpose shortly but in the meantime can I please ask instructors, launch directors and winch drivers who would be willing to help me on that day to get in touch with me directly. Our aim is to be able to fly people all of the day so we will need instructing and winch cover. We won’t be doing a dawn or dusk flight so you don’t have to worry about having to get up too early!


Wood week July 7 -14

Prepare your glider for 5kt winds,  5 000 ft cloudbase or just a week of gentle westerlys.  Steve Male is helping run the week so let the office know now that you want to take part.

Task week August 18 – 27

Please ensure this is also in your diary,  we have better weather last year and I am confident this trend will continue into this year.  The CFI will be announcing more details of the structure but I can guarantee that if you are early cross country then this is the week for you.

Highlights of last weeks committee

The meeting welcomed James Moore, this was his first meeting as treasurer.  He has commissioned a financial review from our accountants with a view to us being able to reduce our outstanding debtors and confirm our calculations on reserves necessary for business continuity.

The fleet strategy continues to be a priority with the provision of a glass single seater, the move to a  2 seater fleet of the size and nature we require and how we provide access to a motor glider given the latest restrictions from the CAA.  These are the  3 items under consideration and of course, tie in with our minimum reserve referred to above.

One of the Vitaras is struggling to work on gas. The root cause has been identified and Julian is working on a solution. The Shogun clutch has the parts ready to fit.