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23 Jun 2016

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Hi everyone,  this is the regular Thursday posting to let you know what is coming up in the near future and give you highlights of the last week.

Last week:

Dave, Helen, Mike Dodd, Fay, Rob and Geoff Minshull represented the club at the Welshpool airshow last Sunday and despite poor weather,  attracted a lot of interest to follow up.  These events are hard work but can be so worthwhile, thanks very much to everyone involved.

We took delivery of the latest addition to the club vehicle fleet this week,  a Suzuki Vitara in remarkable condition.  This is a test vehicle, paid for by the sale of one of our Landrovers.  We all owe a huge vote of thanks to Julian Fack for organizing the purchase and delivery (using Dave Rance’s trailer) of this.  Dave Crowson and Julian are running the evaluation project and the next steps are :-  tow ball, gas conversion cost,  field identification marker and radio.  I tested the vehicle myself by taking it to where the ambulance and police cars got stuck at the South end and it dealt with it perfectly.  If the tests are successful then we will compare the costs of using such vehicles vs the cost of maintaining the Land Rovers.

Weekend outlook:

The weather for the weekend looks flyable albeit a bit showery and we have slots available on both days.  If you need a check or you want to develop your flying in any way then book a slot with the office.  Clive Crocker and Mathew Cook are on duty on Saturday with volunteers on Sunday.

Forthcoming events:

We have a few places left on the course next week, call Martin if you would like to attend.

Wenlock Olympian Games Gliding – 9 to 16 July.  A message from John Randall.

Still time to enter your oldtimer!  Its not just for those hard bitten competition types, We have prizes, not only for completing the tasks but also things like: “the best glider”; Maximum height achieved during the week; spot landing and even if the weather gods turn against us for the odd day then try your hand at reversing a glider trailer.

To start the week (Sat 9 July) we not only have the first tasks for the fullsize guys but also vintage scale model gliders that will be shown off not only on the ground but also flying between 5 and 8pm.

There are evening talks and other happenings after the gliding and eating has finished and to round off the week we have a Hog roast on Sat 16 JULY.  Even if you aren’t competing please come along and join in. If the weather is soarable then we will be able to do club flying as well .


In addition, can I put out a plea for photographs for the web site gallery.  The purpose of the gallery is to show visitors what they can expect when they come to the club,  grounds, hangar, accommodation, bar etc.  I have had an excellent response for the external photographs and now I need ones of the interior showing the club in its best light.  Please send them directly to me at



Building and caravan park

We have insides as well as outsides now, the next step will be the fitting out and the electrics.  Mathew Cook is in charge of the electric installation and the actual fitting will be done by volunteers.

The caravan park is fully trenched and conduit laid and now Guy Hartland is running the project to bring the site up to a more modern standard.

Neal Clements