So what is a gliding competition all about?


Many glider pilots take part in competitions. Although these usually involve racing sailplanes around pre-planned cross-country tasks, pilots also take part in aerobatic competitions where they are scored for accuracy of flying. Competitions can be great social occasions too, and following the cross country racing action from the ground is getting easier thanks to online tracking. In addition to organised competitions, which can be completed in a day, or in the case of most regional or national competitions over nine days, pilots also compete in online competitions where pilots upload logger traces of their cross-country flights to compare performances. The ‘BGA Ladder‘ is an excellent resource. Each year, a range of trophies is presented for the best performance in the preceding year in a number of categories. Details of competitions are available from the BGA web site.

Clubs sometimes hold their own local competitions, often known as Task Weeks.  These are an excellent way to dip a toe into competition flying to see if you like it and to learn from more experienced pilots.  Midland Gliding Club holds its own Task Week during the last week in August leading up to and including the Bank Holiday Monday.

Competition Enterprise 2nd to 9th July 2022

After a gap from all the excitement of CE21 at Milfield, the organisers are now planning for CE22 at the Long Mynd!  The dates are 2nd to the 9th July 2022. Their web site is at

As usual, formal entry opened on 1 January 2022, but it would now be helpful to the organisers if they could have an indication of how many people are potentially interested in competing.  Entries are limited to a maximum of 35 gliders.

Launching will be by both retrieve winch and aerotow so a good chance to stay current on both.  I know our club is renowned for it’s bungee facility, but it is not a realistic competition launch capability.

Please email Andrew Cluskey, for more details.  If you keep the subject of your email CE22  it automatically sorts into his correct mailbox.

Competition Enterprise is not about pure racing but more, as the name suggests, about enterprising flying, making the most of the day.  It is structured to give any type of glider a fighting chance.  Previous days have been won by a ASK13!


MGC Task Week 20th August to the 29th August

Find out more about Task Week here

Inter-Club League (Rock Polishers), Regional and National Competitions

If you do like it then there are a number of regional and inter-club competitions held during the summer season.  Inter-club for our region is known as ‘Rockpolishers’ as many of the clubs in it are ridge sites.  Our Club’s Inter-Club Captain is Mark Sanders, who will be delighted for you to volunteer to fly or crew.The Inter-Club League is intended to encourage competitive cross-country flying on a less formal basis than National and Regional competitions, involving pilots at all levels of cross-country competence.  In particular, it is an opportunity for novice pilots to experience competition flying before they are eligible to fly a regional competition.

The competition takes the form of a series of weekend ‘Meets’ between the clubs in a local regions.  A ‘Meet’ will be hosted by each of the clubs in turn throughout the season, giving pilots and crews an opportunity to visit and fly from other clubs in their area.  Races are held in three categories – novice, intermediate and pundit with points awarded to the top finishers in each category. These points are aggregated throughout the season and the winners of each regional competition goes forward to the Inter-Club League final.

Special emphasis is put on the performance of novice pilots and, as well as the trophy for the overall winning club, there is a trophy for the club with the best novices.

The host club for each weekend meet is responsible for providing the organisation for the competition. This provides an an opportunity for people to learn contest direction, task setting, start and finish line control, scoring and other competition-related duties.  The host club also provides appropriate launching facilities, although it is intended that there should be minimal interruption to normal club flying.

For details of the competition and the Mynd Team click here

BGA Competition Calendar

For details of the BGA Competition Calendar click here

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