COVID-19 Update



MGC Temporary Operating Rules 6th July 2020 Issue 4(a) 

Other Covid related documents and information are available on the Resources and Downloads page.

24th July 2020

From 4th July the DfT has relaxed the Covid -19 guidelines to allow us once again to fly two seat aircraft.  This is a special dispensation and the 2m social distancing guidelines remain in force, but we are now allowed to resume training flights with mitigations in place.  These mitigations include wearing face coverings in the aircraft if it is safe to do so.

Members – the club is currently only open to members.

Experience Flights, First Flights.  At this time we cannot resume experience flights because of the number of people it would expose our instructors within the confines of a glider’s cockpit.  We are extending the validity of First Flight vouchers for at least the period we are unable to offer experience flights due to Covid-19.  We will re-schedule as soon as we can to suit your diary.

Courses will resume on Monday, 10th of August.  We intend to run courses for as long as there there is demand.

Everyone is asked to sign in with the launch director or supervising instructor on arrival so we have a record of attendance in case of any track and trace enquiries.

The accomodation, toilets and bar are back in use, with some limitations.  We have temporary showers available for use.

Regular communication with members is going out by email.

If you are a member and not receiving these emails (there are usually at least two a week) please send an email to the chairman and we will update your details.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the Club by email (office@midlandgliding.club).

In the meantime, Stay Safe.


Update 14 August 2020

I’m sure you will be aware that the government is implementing quarantine restrictions for people returning from a number of countries where the incidence of new Covid cases is particularly high.  This includes France, Malta, the Netherlands and Monaco.  Travellers returning from these countries, and others, must self-isolate for 14 days on arrival in the UK.  The fines for breaching the regulations are being significantly increased, in some cases doubled.

This clearly has implications for the club operations so I am taking this opportunity to be clear about what this means for us.

  • If you have just returned to the UK from a country on the government restrictions list you must self-isolate for 14 days from the day of return before coming to the club
  • If you live in an area of the UK that is under lockdown you must not visit the club until that lockdown is lifted and even then you should consider allowing a suitable length of time, 14 days, before attendance
  • If you need to self-isolate you should not visit the club for any reason, including returning a glider to site, until the end of the isolation period
  • The club is not an appropriate place to self-isolate.  You must do so at home

Please remember that now more than ever we need to be diligent about safeguarding at the club.  The virus has not gone away and an outbreak traced to the club would not only be bad for our members and staff, but could have very serious financial implications for the club’s future.

  • Please consider wearing a face covering when you can around the club and keep 2m distance from others without one, 1m+ with
  • Keep your distance when inside the clubhouse
  • Sanitise your place after eating
  • Use the hand gels and wash hands frequently
  • Be considerate of others and be aware that many of our members are in high risk groups
  • Instructors take a risk flying with any of us.  Please understand if they choose not to
  • Don’t hesitate to remind others if you think thay are not acting appropriately
  • Don’t be offended if you are reminded.  It is very easy to forget

Your committee is doing evertything it can to make it possible for us to continue flying and to make the operation of the club viable.  The rules are changing constantly and we have to respond in appropriate ways, often very quickly.  Please support your committee during these challenging times.

Jon Hall