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03 Mar 2018

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The BGA 2018 Turnpoint database is now available. Lots of quite significant changes. See here for a full list of amendments
 The best way to obtain the TP list suitably formatted for your particular device is via the “TPSelect” program. It will already be on your computer if you downloaded last years TP List, but if this is your maiden year, then Google “TPSelect” and follow your nose!

BGA Ladder – MGC Club Tasks. Some changes for this year.
MYN-SHW-LMW-MYN 100km Tim’s Triangle
MYN-WLL-GTW-MYN 135km FAI triangle (New for 2018)
MYN-TAL-DRO-MYN 203km FAI Triangle
MYN-EDG-MYN 213km O/R (New for 2018)
MYN-SHW-BRE-LCL-MYN 304km 304km FAI Triangle
(Modified for 2018 (was SHS) to give 300km+ even with 0.5k barrels)
See the full list here:
Why, or how to, use a club task?:

Aim Higher at the Mynd 7-11 May. When you fly Cross Country, the number of times that all the necessary “ducks” (the weather, your availability, glider availability)  line up over a season can be scarily small, so you need to make the most of every opportunity. Proper training will enable you to capitalise on those opportunities. Aim Higher is the training opportunity that no (budding) XC pilot should miss – and it’s here at the Mynd, 7-11 May. Call the office and book a place!