Great XC Weekend in Prospect – 7/8 July

06 Jul 2018

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Bye-bye blue – The CUMULUS is back!

Yesterday was a cracker! Cloudbase to 7000ft with climbs nudging a reported 10 knots. I flew 275km in 445, Jon Hall and Richard Bennett 375km in KA – both traces on the ladder. Dave Rance (370km), Julian (210km), Dave & Rod, Mark Williams, Mike Dodwell and Steve Ward all went XC, please, please put your flights on the ladder, so the wider gliding community can see what a great XC site the Mynd is!

Looks like a proper good XC weekend in prospect – cumulus, 5000ft bases and light winds too, so the perfect start to Wood Week (but equally good for plastic of course!!)

Best weather once again likely to be to our south and east, so any of the club tasks should be on, if you are stuck for ideas of where to go …

If you have a spare place in your two-seater, or you are interested in flying XC as P2, please let me (or the office) know and I’ll put you in contact with each other.

So get up to the Mynd and have some fun!