Hus Bos Diaries Day 4

05 Aug 2016

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Another difficult day well least for me since I couldn’t soar from aerotow till hitting the ground – I think I was just unlucky. Others had a similar experience but managed to stay airborne in the 25kts wind and random areas of lift. See Hus Bos website for scores on the doors;

Apparently the third turning point was under rain when people got there hence so few finishers and so many landouts near it. I managed to beat Mark by 0.9km distance and 3 points, which I’m very excited about (note to self “Must try harder”). The night, however, was even more entertaining with a Mynd meal around Dave & Helen’s caravan and Julian & Meg’s motorhome (think the ‘O.K. Corral’) with lots of the days war stories of doo’s and dare’s and 500pts. And guess what – tomorrow is another 500k day…..