Hus Bos Diaries Day 5

06 Aug 2016

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Well we have a Day 5, unbelievable for this summer so far. The day promised a lot more than we flew due to an awkward bit of cirrus that prevented thermals from starting in our task area, so we had a re-task which delayed things for us and shorted our planned 275km down to 171k. The day wasn’t bad but had the problem of generating some dead areas with overdeveloped CU which affected us on the initial out and homeward legs. This didn’t seem to apply to Simon & Mike in FZ who won the day with 92kph, although it did but they got lucky. Around the time I was landing out I heard 494 call a re-start(!) to their credit they did blat around the task in double quick time but also couldn’t get home due to it being dark, or the fact that the thermals had finished. The Mynd team were in fine form today with undertaking 3x retrieves and a day win, a DAY WIN. Well done again FZ. (insert winning picture here…)

[Oh, and tomorrow is another 500k day]