One of the first gliding clubs in the country


Amy_JohnsonWe are proud of our history of gliding on the Long Mynd, being one of the oldest gliding clubs in the country. Gliders started launching from the west facing ridge of the Long Mynd as early as 1930 and the club was officially founded in 1934.  Except for a short cessation of operations during the war the club has operated non stop ever since.  We have had some notable members during that time including Amy Johnson (the pioneering female pilot), and the Prince of Siam.

With all year round operation, seven days a week from April through September, and flying on most flyable days during the winter, we offer wave, thermal and ridge soaring for novice and experienced pilots. We run glider pilot training courses through the summer season and welcome visiting expeditions. First Flight experiences (by prior arrangement) make fantastic presents, especially at Christmas

On our extensive airfield (about 134 hectares), the club buildings include the hangar, glider workshops, winch garage and workshop, heated parachute storage, battery charging area, a comfortable clubhouse with dining room, TV room, lounge, bar, office, briefing room, and overnight accommodation in centrally heated bunk rooms and private rooms with modern showers and toilet facilities, as well as caravan parking and a camp site.

You do not have to own a glider to fly at the Mynd. The club owns a comprehensive fleet of gliders and use of a privately owned motor glider. Members pay per minute for the use of club gliders, subject to aircraft being fairly shared between other club and course members during the weekdays. There is an additional charge for a launch.

old_pic_4Flying a vintage T21 from the Mynd – video

Many people do own their own glider, often in syndicates of up to eight people sharing costs between the syndicate members. Syndicate members and private owners can keep their gliders at the club and have the same rights to use club aircraft.  We do charge a levy to keep a trailer at the club. Country members can keep trailers at the Mynd over the winter if their home club is not able to provide winter flying.

Please come and visit us at the Mynd, but remember that airfields can be dangerous places so do obey all signs and instructions.  Please take note of the following safety briefing:

  • Do not bring dogs unless leashed, and report first to the office. Dogs are not allowed inside the clubhouse. 
  • There is a 15 mph speed limit on all parts of the airfield.  
  • No vehicles are allowed on any part of the airfield other than on designated roads and tracks, except for authorised club vehicles. 
  • Gliders can launch from and land almost anywhere on the airfield. If unsure what is happening do not proceed, stop and ask someone.
  • Have your side windows open and radio off so you can hear shouted instructions such as “STOP”.
  • Never drive in front of a glider at the launch point as it may be about to launch.
  • Report first to the office on arrival.
  • Parking is available behind the trailer line outside the club house or in the over-spill car park to the south of the caravan park.
  • Do not drive or park outside the hangar or in front of the trailers.