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25 Jan 2019

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You are probably aware that Lasham Gliding Society was granted leave for a judicial review of the CAA decisions regarding Farnborough ACP, given last year, which will have a disasterous effect on Lasham’s operations and on GA generally.  Lasham has recently published an update which I think is worth circulating.  If you feel you would like to support the campaign by making a donation to the fighting fund follow this link

‘As we have previously reported to you, in November we were granted leave for a judicial review on two of our three grounds of complaint against the Farnborough ACP. Leave for a third ground was given only in so far as it was linked to the first two.
We made an application for renewal of the decision for leave which had been partially refused in relation to ground three and this application was listed for a hearing on 17 January. The purpose of this hearing was to have leave for the third ground re-considered on a stand-alone basis so that, if we were successful it would reinstate that ground of challenge in addition to the first two grounds. I am pleased to be able to report that the judge has now given us leave for a third ground, in addition to those of safety and efficiency.
It was decided that, in this third ground, it is arguable that the needs of General Aviation (including gliding), and Lasham in particular, had not been properly taken into consideration by the CAA in making its decision. Although the judge also decided that the CAA did not have to show that SIDs & STARs (procedural routes for arrivals and departures) were necessary, or that the CAA was in breach of its procedure in failing to undertake a further round of consultations with LGS, this does not affect our arguments in our grounds on efficiency or safety points.
We now have three independent grounds (instead of just two) for which we only need to win one for the CAA’s decision to be struck out.
We have now received over £61,000 from 300 donors. Please ask your friends to contribute’