Learn to fly


A cheap way to learn!

Learning to fly with Midland Gliding Club is the least expensive way to learn to fly fixed wing aircraft.  Once you have paid the annual subscription all you have to pay in future is a small charge for use of the club aircraft and a  launch fee, less than a landing fee at a power airfield.  You can do as much flying as you like with no charge for instruction.

What we will teach you

Initially, we will teach you how to fly the glider, take off, general handling skills and landings.  Then we will move on to more advanced flying, thermalling, wave flying and cross country techniques.

In addition to the physical flying of the aircraft, we will teach you the theory and principles of flight, air law and navigation, meteorology and the use of radio.

How we will teach you

Once you join, we will provide you with a progress book which will be your individual learning plan, taking you from the beginning, all the way up to being a self briefing cross country pilot.

All of your initial training will be in one of our two seater gliders with one of our qualified instructors.  Each glider is equipped with full dual controls and you will sit in the front so enjoying the best views!

As required (e.g. for navigation exercises or “touch and go”) we have access to a motor glider which can be booked separately.

If the weather is not suitable for flying, or you require a specific element of theory training, then you will be given comprehensive lectures in our briefing room, equipped with training aids.

What you can learn

We will take you through the training and syllabus required in order to achieve your glider pilot’s licence, or in European speak – Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence (Sailplane).

Your licence is really the start point of gliding, and we can coach you beyond that in order to be able to take part in expeditions or competitions, or just to be able to take advantage of whatever weather you encounter.

What’s next?

  • Join the club: either as a temporary member by buying a First Flight voucher  or as a full flying member.
  • Once you have joined you will be able to book weekend or week day slots for individual training.  Contact the office for details.
  • You can also come on a holiday course.
  • Pass the exams.  Easy! Our training and education will ensure that you achieve success in your flying and theory exams.
  • Want to see more about flying at the Midland Gliding Club.  Watch this video

To find out more..

about our range of services and membership, you can download a copy of our leaflet (PDF format), Your Gliding Journey.