MGC Task Week Friday 26/08 results

06 Sep 2016

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Hi all, just thought I would post the published results for Task Week Friday 26th Aug. I believe Mike Dodwell and Orch also set out on Task and i think Mike might actually have hit the deck before me. Orch came down somewhere near Worcester at the end of the day and needing three men for the de-rig became a bit of a problem since be this time Hazel was fast running out of bodies to ask. Incidentally, Orch asked me if i’d fetch him; Nige (K21) said he would fet me, and we all three landed out!! My saving grace was that after a five hour retrieve, for 22k away, i was so late back i couldn’t help out (not that i was in any fit state too). Oh, and the task setter Rob Hanks also got round. Congratulations again to Mark.

MGC task week Day1 26-08-2016