More Great XC Weather – don’t miss out!

09 Jul 2018

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The weekend just gone was a belter – although I couldn’t make it, gosh-darn-it! From the ladder I can see that KA and FVP had good flights, from word of mouth I know that 445 and K6 also made the most of it. Can I ask that you all please post your flights on the ladder, so the wider gliding public can see that the Mynd is a thriving XC club.

Today was good too, with 300’s for KA and 445.

Every day this week has merit, (and as much as you can say at this range, the weekend too), and decent XC flights should be possible on any of the days. Use the Club tasks, or else ask one of the XC pilots where they are going, and either fly that task, or else if seems a bit much (or too little!) for you, set a “Russian Doll” task based on the general task area. Do Check NOTAMS before you go – it’s a busy week, particularly on Friday.

So stay safe, have fun and I look forward to viewing the traces on the club ladder!