Over the coming months we will add more online forms.

The objective is to improve our processes.

These forms and their processes are work in progress.

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Incident / Accident Reporting Form

We encourage anyone using our site to report incidents from which we can learn.  Incident reporting is a critical part of the Club’s safety culture.  It is one of the ways we can identify the causes of incidents and accidents and find ways of reducing the the probability of them happening again in the future.  It is a way we become safer.  The more reports the better.  No one will every be penalised for submitting an incident report.  If you choose, you can submit this form anonymously.  All reporting is automatically sent to the Safety Committee.

If you want to send addtional information, email report.safety@midlandgliding.club

Fleet Defects Reporting Form

To maximise the availability of our fleet, we need to be aware of defects so that we can put them right.  Please: –

  • Report the defect using this form – the fleet management team will be emailed straight way.
  • If there is addtional information, for example, photographs, email them to report.fleet@midlandgliding.club.
  • Write in the aircrafts Daily Inspection Book details of the defect.
  • Write on the black board whether the aircraft is serviceable or unservicable.

Jobs that Need Doing - (Proof of Concept)

Use this form to report something that needs to be done.

Ideas to Improve Our Club

Have an idea to improve our club, please use this form.  We don’t want to lose great ideas.