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01 Jun 2016

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Chairs report from the Committee meeting of 27 May

MT shed

As you can see there has been considerable progress and it looks like the cladding will be complete by the end of next week.  The next step is the internal fittings.  The bills are starting to arrive and we owe a huge vote of thanks to Dave Wedlock for his sterling efforts in restraining the costs.  Projecs like this inevitably attract a lot of “while we are at its”, the death knell of many a project and Dave has steered a fantastic line keeping a grip on the project.

Caravan park and campsite

The MT shed project also includes moving the access road to the caravan park, amending the fencing and putting electricity into the campsite.  These tasks will be completed once the shed is finished.  In the meantime Guy Hartland is creating the plan to bring the caravan park up to a more modern standard, he has already started by moving the empty gas bottles.

New roof

The accommodation block has sprung a leak and we are trying to find a way of re-roofing it which will provide insulation, waterproofing and be affordable.

Operational plan

The club runs an operational plan containing the upcoming events.  These are reflected in the Calendar and the web site.  We will be rolling it forward in July so we can have the new calendars available by the early Autumn.


The figures continue to look healthy but there are quite a few capital projects queuing up and we will decide on the priority and sequence of these once all the bills for the MT shed are settled.  As well as infrastructure projects we will be looking to future proof the fleet.


We are launching a range of new packages aimed at new members and we are offering special deals on the 11th of June at the joint Past Members Day, & Flying Taster Day.  This has been heavily advertised and if you could come along and volunteer then this would be greatly appreciated.


The Astir canopy is broken through wear and tear but everything else is flyable and flying.

Launching and MT

The winches have been serviced and the launching performance has been superb over the past few months.  Once again this is thanks to our winch and engineering team.  Please consider helping out with winching and apply to Guy Hartland for details


A lot of work has gone into the seeded areas just to the East of the road.  It is  essential to keep off them and all duty instructors are asked to brief about this. We would also like to make the areas more visible.

The cyclists/walkers who emerge from the East are being encouraged to go South and then round to the West onto the Starboard Way.  To achieve this we have mown paths and installed a stalling corrall,  all that is left is the signage.  We hope this will reduce the number of times launching has to be held because of traffic crossing East to West.

You will have noticed a dramatic increase over the past couple of years in the number of apparently feral horses both on top of the Mynd and intruding onto the airfield.  We have walked the fence and found it to be generally in good condition but we need to find out how they are getting in and address it.  If anyone knows if these horses have owners would you be kind enough to get in touch with me.

Neal Clements