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12 Jan 2018

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After a couple of “fallow” years, Rock Polishers is back for 2018.

Rock Polishers is one of seven geographically based Inter Club leagues around the country. At the end of the season, the winners of each league compete in a National Final. There are six clubs in the Rock Polishers League: Aston Down, Long Mynd, Nympsfield, Shobdon, Talgarth, Usk

Each event comprises three separate competitions within these classes:
Novice: Pilots with at least an XC endorsement, but never completed a 300k XC flight, or competed at Regional level
Intermediate: Pilots who have not flown a 500k flight in the last eight years, or finished in the top 50% at a National in the last eight years
Pundit: Open to all

You can see the full set of rules and requirements here:

All six clubs are fielding teams this year. Each team comprises, one Pundit, one Intermediate and one Novice Pilot.

There will be four rounds:

Round 1: 21/22 April at Nympsfield

Round 2: 5/6 May at Long Mynd

Round 3: 26/27/28 May at Aston Down

Round 4: 9/10 June at Usk

If any of these weekends are deemed very likely to be unviable on the Thursday evening before an event, that round will be postponed to one of these fall-back dates:

Fall-back 1: 23/24 June

Fall-back 2: 21/22 July

Fall-back 3: 11/12 August

We shall need novice, intermediate and pundit pilots for each round. We are also hoping to take a number of two-seaters to the events so P2’s can gain some valuable experience. Anyone willing to help out with crewing is always welcome, and it’s the more the merrier, so even if you are not in the team, why not bring your glider along and fly from a different site for a change.

Mark Sanders is coordinating the planning of the Mynd’s participation in Rock Polishers 2018, so if you are interested in taking part in any capacity please let him know, either directly or via the office.