Saturday 12/09/2020

13 Sep 2020

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I think the Mynd gliders must have thought it was task week as almost all were in the air; 3*LS4, 2*Pegase, DG300, Nimbus2, Std Cirrus, Arcus & JS1-21, plus K23 & K21, needless to say it was a good soaring day. Two new members, James & Vernon, also took to the air and had a good day. 291 visited Bromsgrove, Ledbury & Hereford. The Nimbus did Tims and TL & DZ junior both had wave flights, even though it evaded the rest of us so l’d say it was a successful day. More please ๐Ÿ™‚

TL in wave near Newtown.
TL evidence if logger failure!
Mac in DZ in wave
EFT breezes Tims