Saturday 17 February – make that THREE on the trot!

18 Feb 2018

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Yes, another very flyable day. We had the field laid out for a bit of low launch failure practise before the cloud base was high enough for general flying. Soarable too in the middle of the day. Three private owners out – Bob Sharman had 2h40 in his K6, Mark had a few decent flights in FVP, and KA, with Jon and Paul aboard, reported a (variable) 4000′ cloud base and visited Montgomery and Telford – not too shabby for this time of year.

Charles flew the trial lessons, Geoff winched us, William was LD. Obviously a Whole Lotta LUV, and curiously the Twin, over the Discus, was the single-seater of choice for the hot shots. (The Discus remained parked at the hangar all day). Lots of currency check flights kept me busy, and Holly did really well after a long winter lay off to go solo again.

Met for today, (Sunday) looks awful from all sources, so I’ve scrubbed it via the WhatsApp group. I believe the WhatsApp group, although in its infancy, has the potential to be a really useful tool to help us all pull together and coordinate our operations, and I would recommend that you sign up, if you haven’t already done so.