Saturday 19/05/2018

20 May 2018

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Another fantastic day at the Mynd. Not too hot, not too windy, not too wet, not too busy! Robert (and Lassetter) wanted to go to Barnsley I think RASP had something to do with this, however, he wasn’t on his own as the big EB28 also went there. 494 got within spitting distance but turned back in favour of getting home for tea. And got the virtual ‘Plate’ back off of Camphill having turned the club (low). Darce, Mikee, Liz, Simon, Clive & Roger Ellis in LUV all left site and had good flights. Not quite as good as that super ‘Aim higher’ Thursday which is still missing a number of BGA ladder entries, btw. Amongst other things donated by Den, a new grass cutting machine (shiny & red) was put to work and seemed to make easy work of the caravan site and lawn (thank you). Next weekend we are away Rockpolishing at Aston Down.