Saturday 28 January

29 Jan 2017

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A bit murky to start, but set to improve, so we unpacked at 9:30, got it all down to the launch point and retreated for coffee and waited for enough base to start launching. That happened at about 11:00. 10-15WSW but it gave a very buoyant ridge. First shower at about 13:00 (take a wild guess at what we did then!). Another shower around 15:00 but otherwise a belter of a day.

Three two-seaters, K8 and Discus, plenty of instructors on hand for checks and a good turnout. Now you’re going to ask, who else was there? Let’s see, (in no particular order, as Tess would say) … Simon and Liz, Alan S, Allan R, Harris, Darce, Coley, Den, Charles, Clive and Mark W. Jared, Carl and Steve all made excellent progress with their training.

Thanks to Steve L who was No 2, Matt for helping out with the T/L’s and of course Orch for launching us.