Saturday 7 January – Patience Pays Off!

08 Jan 2017

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mistinthevalleyMist in the valley as I drove up, witnessed by my artistic “study”. Beginning the ascent at Asterton, I was really hoping to emerge into sunny uplands, but regrettably not – it was a proper pea-souper! This ‘ll soon lift, I thought.

Holly turned up for some ground school, and also a Trial lesson, keen to walk on the hills if nothing else. About 11.00 we initially glimpsed the scenery and by 12:00 there were half a dozen paragliders airborne in about a 1-2km stretch of ridge with orographic cloud at either end. This tempted us to unpack and get the winches out in readiness, then it closed in again and we retreated for lunch (a great Mynd tradition whatever the weather!)

The weather continued to tease us through the afternoon, whilst Ed took a stab at his Bronze theory paper. At about 2:30, it began to open up; it was still clear at 3:00; the kit was ready to go; our student was keen; Ed had finished his paper; it would have been rude not to fly. Holly made more excellent progress with her training and just as we finished, the T/L came back from his walk so we were able to pole him round a couple of flights to finish off the day. A Grand Day Out!