Sunday 18 June

18 Jun 2017

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Very hot, but lots of fun. With Roger in charge, the first launch was always going to be early, although a few retrieve winch issues spoilt the launch rate initially. Blue to start with, the Cu started to appear on the horizon to the SW at about 10:00 and gradually worked its way northwards to us for about 1:00pm. Conditions just got better and better locally after that, with climbs to 6500 ASL and it was still going when the last glider landed after 7:00. Roger even managed a couple of XC excursions in the K13

With conditions better than predicted, the Pundit Task was extended to 312km (MYN-SENnybridge-PENdock-OSWestry-MYN). Rob (LJ), Dave and Rod (494), Walt (493), Paul (445), Dave Rance (TL), Julian & Mark (JF) and Darce (288) all set off on task, most getting round with some of the later starters missing out the final turnpoint and coming straight back from Pendock. Hopefully you’ll see all these flights on the Ladder.

Congratulations to Mark Williams, who successfully got round the Local Task (MYN-MY3-BCS-CVN-MYN)

Whilst we are congratulating, I am pleased to be able to report that this week John Kingsley completed his Silver badge with a five hour duration flight, and Geoff Dailey gained his Silver height.