Sunday 2 July

02 Jul 2017

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A gem of a day as the weather models had predicted. Jon & Paul (KA) and Dave Crowson (154) flew Bicester-Hay (330km); Dominic (Z19) made a brief foray into Wales before heading inland; Dave Rance (TL) started the jet to explore the wave; Holly, Ben, Alfie, Steve and Tomasz all made excellent progress with their training; nice to see Adam Walker back at the club; Mike Witton was instructing, Charles and Den handled the trial lessons; Orch was out in the Skylark; Dave Cole and Mark Wakem found the wave in FWM; the usual suspects poled the 23 and the 8 around…
…and last, but very much not least …
David Brown flew his Astir to Worcester (58km) for Silver distance, then turned round and flew it back to the Mynd to add the 100km Diploma (Part 1) to his haul – a great flight David – his smile said it all when he returned – huge congratulations!


PS. Monday seems to have gone away, weather-wise, but still hope for Wednesday – keep an eye on the predictions as the days unfold!