Sunday 6 Jan 2019

06 Jan 2019

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A much better day than forecast – as was yesterday. Long south launch in 5WNW. Matt Cook completed his acceptance checks with Steve and is now a fully fledged Assistant Instructor – congratulations Matt! Two returning trial lessons, Richard and Mike, both from the power world made excellent progress, as did Riccardo, completing his spinning and making a start on launch failures.

Seemed to be a circuit day until Holly and Chris proved us wrong, both completing half hour flights in the K23.

Shobdon’s Twin Astir made the trip for its ARC with Roger next week via an aerotow, which was different – and exploited the opportunity to take a few winch launches as well.

Thanks to Geoff for launching us (and Guy for standing in over lunch), Den for the trial lessons, Coley who was launch director, and everyone else who mucked in to help make the day slick and enjoyable.