Sunday Tasking – Light winds – Good for Wood!

17 Jun 2017

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Weather: Blue to start, hopefully some Cu by noon, starting to the SW. Light winds 5-10SW. Cu base rising to 4500. Very hot (to 27C). Models not too happy with late afternoon – perhaps it just gets hot and stable.

Significant NOTAMS Parachuting Nr Malvern 13:10 – 14:05 The tasks are set to avoid this area

Task Suggestions (It’s a Sunday, so nothing too over-ambitious – hopefully!)

Pundit: MYN-SEN-PEN-MYN (234km)

Inter: MYN-HAY-DRO-MYN (182km)

Novice: MYN-WLL-GTW-MYN (136km)

Wood: MYN-LMW-GTW-MYN (105km)

Local: MYN-MY3-BCS-CVN-MYN (46km)

Expect High Cockpit Temperatures: Remember hydration, hat and sun-screen.