Task Suggestions for Thu 5 July

04 Jul 2018

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All tasks start and finish at MYN

Task A: BCW-BAD-SOA (300km)

Task B: BCW-SOA (209km)

Task C: GRM-DRO (138km)

Task D: SH3-CLE (70km)

All tasks are variations of the same generally SE theme. Choose one that fits with your experience and expectation, but be prepared to fall-back if the day doesn’t develop as predicted.

Best leave site before noon – it will be much harder work to get away in the afternoon. Your return with a 5000+ft base predicted, will enable you to be on final glide from a long way out – that’s the theory anyway!!

Only significant NOTAM appears to be a Royal flight out of Kemble, but that’s all wrapped up by 11:10 local. However please double check my analysis and check again in the morning.

If you fly Task A, you’ll likely be crossing the Gloucestershire (Staverton) feathers to the east of the airfield. Their radar tells them our position, but not our height, which clearly makes them a little nervous. Good practice to give them a call (128.550) and let them know your position, height and intentions. They are very friendly, and it’s all good for safety and the power world’s perception of us.

See you tomorrow.