The morning after the night before!

09 Apr 2017

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A good turn out for last nights AGM, plenty of debate, show of hands and an overview of what lies ahead, followed by another great meal put on by Fay, Jane and their helpers Rob and Dave.

This morning was bright and sunny, the hanger fully unpacked, Paul Fowler and Mat flying the Cadets in the K13 and T21, Den looking after Trial lessons sharing the glider with Guy who was assisting with those who had pre-booked training.

Simon, Number One for the day was busy with both Annual and Daily checks and the flying queues well managed by d’Arcy and Tony.

Nice to see such a great turn out by all doing various tasks including someone washing their caravan once every two years whether it needs it or not, that’s what happens when you reside next to Hartland Towers😄

No rain???
So many people
Martin in the front. Simon, well……..being Simon


Hat and gloves but no eye protection….tut tut.