Thursday 26 April

26 Apr 2018

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An excellent day that lived up to the pre-match hype! Rob, Mike and Paul were all on hand for training and lots of private owners were  out. Let’s see … Tim and Mark in FVP; Laurent (PZ); The David’s in the Astir; Dave Rance (TL); Dave and Bob in the Arcus; Simon in the Ventus; and I dug out 445 for the first time in six months!

A 25-30W wind kept things interesting, but the climbs were really strong which made up for it. Arcus and 445 went up to North Wales to run the Denbigh ridges; Tim Brunskill bagged both Silver duration AND height to finish off his badge; Mark Williams had a Silver height, and it sounds as if David Brown may have missed out by less than 50ft on his height claim!

Great buzz in the bar too at the end of the day. We’ll have a few more days like that, please!!