Thursday looking good

25 Apr 2018

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20W, so it’s a ridge day and very thermic, but without the same degree of shower potential as we are seeing today. Perfect for getting some extended local soaring time in. We have arranged an additional instructor. Please remember to book if you need two seater flying.

Probably a bit too windy for early XC, but there are other boxes you could tick …

Silver duration (5 hour) should be on. Spend the day thermalling and having fun, but with the ridge as a fall-back if there is a dead patch. (And it will be too windy for spraying – you know who you are!!!)

Silver height (a gain of 1000m or 3281ft) may also be possible. You will need to carry a logger. If it’s an approved logger with a barometric pressure sensor, then 1000m is all the gain you need. If it is an approved position recorder (i.e. the FR300) you will have to add on an extra 100m, so your gain will need to be 1100m or 3609ft. Remember to “notch” your trace, with a dive from the release at the top of the launch. If you can get down onto the ridge so much the better because you won’t have to climb so high to achieve the required gain.

In either case, discuss your plans with the No 1 before take-off.

For the more experienced, I have a couple of ideas in mind, to a bit of sky we don’t usually frequent …

The Denbigh Ridges MYN-DYS-DRS-DYS-MYN (243km) – some models show what may be a bit too much north in it.

Else: Uttoxeter-Lleweni Parc MYN-UTT-DRS -LLE -MYN (279km)

That may all change, of course!!