Tuesday 13 March

13 Mar 2018

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What a super day! Plan was to open the hangar doors at 11. By the time I got there at 10:30, para-gliders were already at altitude, the gliders were out on the apron and FVP was rigged.

10W winds, 4-6kt climbs and a cloud-base that rose to 3000 above site. Mark had excellent flights in FVP; Steve Gunn-Russell completed his annual check then consolidated in 493; John Kingsley had some long soaring flights in the Discus; Andrew Rands had a whole ruck of solo flights, initially in the Astir, then successfully converting to the K23 with a further three flights. Thanks to Barbara for helping out (she did get her feet off the ground in the Astir), “Vintage” Nick who came up to eat his sandwiches but stayed to help, James Moore who came late on to see what we were up to, and finally and most importantly, Orch who did a brilliant job of launching us.

Great team work. A real pleasure of a day.