Webcams and weather


Webcams and weather

With static and time lapse webcams and weather stations in and around the MGC club house, and at sites nearby, you can see pretty well what the weather is doing, what is coming in from the west, and if people are flying. However, do always check the date and time on any images, just to make sure you are getting the most recent. Sometimes a device will go offline, and it might take a while to fix. Not all the cams and weather stations belong to the MGC – we share information with the Long Mynd Soaring Club (LMSC), the hang gliders and paragliders club.


MGC Webcam: Pointing west to the windsock at the MGC

Updated at five minute intervals. Webcam time in BST. Weather station data GMT.

Pointing west to windsock

LMSC Webcam: Pointing north to the LMSC launch site.

Updated at 10-15 minute intervals. (See here for previous images


LMSC webcam looking SSW down the ridge to Black Knoll

Updated at 10-15 minute intervals. (See here for previous images:

MGC time lapse webcams
On a mobile device, use these links instead: west cam and  hangar cam and trailer cam.
West cam: this is located in the club house, and shows the sky state facing west. 

Hangar cam: this is mounted on the hangar, facing east

Trailer cam: this faces SE over the rigging area.

There are now two weather stations within a few metres of each other, located by the windsock. Both will be shown here, offering redundancy if one goes down, but also a useful comparison.

MGC weather station (updated every five minutes. GMT):

Data summary

Wind direction and QNH over last 4 hours

Wind speed over last 4 hours

LMSC weather station:


LMSC webcam and weather station at Sarn

This LMSC cam looks towards Sarn, here. It shows the sky to the WSW. Wind strengths etc. will be pretty accurate in in WNW – NE. It massively under-reads in an East or SE direction, but surprisingly tends to show the wind quite accurately as it runs down the hill behind when it is S to SW in direction.

Sarn web cam

Updated at 10 minute intervals.


LMSC webcam and weather station at Clatter

This is located on their SW site at Clatter. Wind strengths etc. will be pretty accurate in a southerly wind, possibly slightly less so in other directions.  

Clatter web cam

Updated at 10 minute intervals.

Other sources of weather information:

  • RASP (Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction) is one of the best resources. For an overview of the day go to ‘Spot Forecasts’,  where it says ‘BGA Turning Point’, and select MYN (hitting the M key is the easiest way to find it). This will give you an overview of weather at the Mynd, including wind direction and strength, rain forecast and the ‘Star Rating’, which will give you an indication of how good the day is. This is the most important site for thermal prediction.
  • The BBC Weather Page is a good place to start for an overview.
  • Rain Today is good for predicting  when rain will arrive, or any clearances ahead.
  •  XC Weather is a good site for predicting the wind strength and direction.
  • Windyty is a look at global weather patterns, but you can zoom in to see local weather.