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13 Jun 2017

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So, starting with today – underwhelming really … and moving swiftly on …

The models are quite optimistic about tomorrow (Wednesday) to our south in 10-15S, but it will be late starting and under top cover, so my top tips would be to have patience and stay high! Suggest you go south until your nerve cracks, then drift home on the breeze!

Thursday through Sunday – a run of variously 15-25W, perfect for some ridge fun. All the pieces are forecast to be in place for a bit of wave too – low inversion, wind increasing with height, gentle anticyclonic curvature to the isobars, and a few breaks in the cloud (hopefully!) to give you a sporting chance of actually getting into it! Either use RASP’s hi-res model run the night before, or a pin, to select your day.

Anyway, make the most of it, because next week there are suggestions of Easterlies – and you know how much we love an East wind at the Mynd!

Don’t say no-one told you!